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Riding her bicycle down a country road, Audrey Hall rounds a curve and spots a small dog lying in the middle of the road. Swerving to avoid the corgi, she crashes down an embankment, setting off a series of mysterious events in her already troubled life. As she strives to find the dog’s rightful owner, she becomes acquainted with a number of people in small-town Miriam, Texas, named for the first woman governor of the state.

As her search continues, her life is further complicated by an FBI investigation into the whereabouts of her soon-to-be ex-husband, suspected murderer Hank Livingston. When she does finally locate the dog’s owner, more mystery follows. Her two daughters and a good friend, plus a group of women Audrey meets through her relationship with the corgi, lend support.

As Audrey faces danger and tries to solve a mystery or two, she questions the coincidental nature of events in her life. Are all of the strange happenings somehow related and being orchestrated by parties as yet unknown? Daisy’s Design is a fun read that offers a mystery, as well as relatable characters. Ultimately, it is a celebration of women who create their own stories, through their personal strength and the bonds they form with each other.