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The Nicole Barker Novels

I wrote and published my first novel, A Thousand Fibers, at the age of 60 – proof that it’s never too late to “live the life you’ve imagined!”

As a retired federal probation officer, Nicole Barker is facing more troubles than she believes she’s due. Then, a mysterious fire leads her on a journey in which she discovers the power of the connections we make in our lives. Can these connections help her deal with both her past and her future? Join Nicole on her journey – it may just lead you to some of your own connections.

Garment of Destiny is the sequel to A Thousand Fibers, continuing the “Connect” theme of my first book.

In Garment of Destiny, Nicole and Gina once again discover the power of connections as they navigate the many changes in their lives. Enjoy discovering where these connections lead, while considering the lessons this book offers for today’s world. Proceeds from the sale of Garment of Destiny will be donated to the Multicultural Family Center, dedicated to changing lives by providing immigration services and free adult education in Grayson County, Texas.

First place winner in the 2019 Press Women of Texas Communications Contest.

The Silver Chic Mysteries

I hope you enjoy hanging out with Charlotte Tilian in Mid-Century Remodel as much as I did! Join her on her journey, joined by Mid-Century Remodel (A Silver Chic Mystery Book 1) her young friends, Lexi and Jade. Charlotte Tilian’s life seems to be unraveling. She’s had a stroke, she’s drinking again, and she’s been moved from her home into an assisted living facility. To top it off, she’s receiving threatening messages. Her past has caught up with her. Then she befriends a teenage girl and her younger sister and finds they are in even greater danger than she is. Will Charlotte live up to her name and find the strength to save them all? What life-changing events will lead to renovations in each of their lives?

Riding her bicycle down a country road, Audrey Hall rounds a curve and spots a small dog lying in the middle of the road. Swerving to avoid the corgi, she crashes down an embankment, setting off a series of mysterious events in her already troubled life. As she searches for the dog’s owner in small-town Miriam, Texas she faces a chain of seemingly coincidental events involving con men, FBI agents, her deceased husband and the lovable corgi. Audrey ultimately finds regained strength in the bonds of family and friends, both old and new.

It’s the summer of 2022 and Charlotte Tilian’s elderly neighbor Elaine Munger has gone missing. As Charlotte initiates aArtfulIllusionCover neighborhood search for the missing woman, fears for Elaine’s safety increase by the hour due to her dementia and the unrelenting Houston heat. Meanwhile, Charlotte and her 16-year-old foster granddaughter Jade meet newcomers to their Creekside Condo neighborhood, retired jeweler Fred Hayes and his granddaughter, Madison. As the mystery woman who lured Elaine away from her home becomes more and more desperate, clues surrounding Elaine’s disappearance begin to be revealed. Will Elaine be found before it’s too late? What fate lies ahead for the woman responsible for creating the illusion that enabled her to abduct Elaine? And could it really be possible that Charlotte is falling in love? Discover what is real, and what is only an illusion, in the third book of the Silver Chic Mystery series, Artful Illusion.


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