My goal in my writing is to explore and celebrate the connections that enrich our lives.¬† Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy such connections in my own life, by reconnecting with family members I hadn’t seen in a few years. First, two cousins from Washington State came to Texas for a visit and it was wonderful reconnecting with them. Then, my sister, Gloria and I traveled to England. The purpose of the trip was to take our mother’s ashes to her hometown, but that event became so much more. In a profound way, my mom brought family members together and reminded us how much we mean to each other. My sister had not returned to England since 1970, yet I’m sure she’d tell you she felt an immediate connection with our uncles, aunts and cousins, as do I whenever I’ve visited with them. Love, memories, places…all serve to connect us. I hope you take advantage of any opportunities you are given to maintain and even strengthen ties in your own life…to reconnect.

Thank you, Khaled Hosseini


This morning, I am very happy because I’ve learned that Khaled Hosseini has another book to offer us, which will be released in September. Why does this information make me so happy? First, because his books always move me, while teaching me something about my fellow humans…he has a unique ability to make those CONNECTIONS which I seek, connections which enrich my life. What really pleases me about his newest book, Sea Prayer is that it will bring much-needed attention to the refugee crisis. Based upon my personal experience in reading his previous books, I’m confident he will do this in such a beautiful, gifted way that hearts will be touched and a global issue will be presented and understood on a very personal level. I’m feeling a particular connection with Sea Prayer because my current writing endeavor,¬†Garment of Destiny is an attempt to connect readers to the experience of refugees. It is a sequel to A Thousand Fibers and I hope to publish it soon. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to read Khaled Hosseini’s Sea Prayer in September and I’m hoping all of you will also purchase it – not only because I’m confident it will be an excellent book, but also because the proceeds will benefit the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency). Truly, the pen is mightier than the sword!

Happy Medium

As previously stated, I only recently tried my hand at writing novels. So, I have a question for those of you who have been doing this much longer than I have:¬† Do you ever feel like you’re a kind of literary medium for your characters? That when you sit down to write, their stories just flow out of you? Because, believe me, while there are times when I haven’t a clue what to write, I’ve also experienced what I can only describe as feeling like a medium for these ghostly characters floating around my brain. That’s when the story often takes a turn I hadn’t expected – it just feels right. I’m hoping you will tell me that, yes, it happens and happens often, and I can count on it – because it sure is fun!


Some people collect teacups, some collect art, or dolls or even cars. I guess the list of items one might collect is practically endless. Me? I collect quotes. One great thing about collecting quotes – no dusting required. The title of my first book, A Thousand Fibers, was inspired by this quote: “Ye live not for yourselves; ye cannot live for yourselves; a thousand fibres connect you with your fellow-men; and along those fibres, as along sympathetic threads, run your actions as causes, and return to you as effect.” – Rev. Henry Melvill (1798-1871). If you’re also a quote collector, please feel free to share one of your favorites here.