February Challenges

The month of February can be challenging. Even the spelling of the month seems to stump many people, as evidenced by a humorous clip on a late-night TV show recently, in which random people on the street were asked if they knew how to spell “February.” Spoiler alert – many did not. Then, there’s the weather. This month has come to mean ice storms where I live. The kind of storms that leave you cooped up in your house for days because the roads have turned into ice skating rinks. And think of the pressure put upon the poor gophers, now expected to predict the coming of spring for us!

But then, there’s Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about this yearly celebration of love.  Like the gophers expected to predict the weather, I often feel Valentine’s Day involves unrealistic expectations surrounding love. The perfect dinner date, the perfect card, the perfect gift.  Then again, how can one complain about a day focused on love? Perhaps the key is to embrace the love part while not worrying about the commercialized, romanticized expectations of February 14th. After all, the world could use a heavy dose of love, right?

So, like the young Olympic ice skater who recently took to an icy Dallas area street this week and thrilled viewers with a beautiful and joyful display of ice skating, perhaps we can embrace the beauty and joy of a day designed to celebrate love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!