Where Do You Write?

I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to join a group of local writers who meet to share and critique current projects. In a recent session, conversation turned to where we write and how the setting impacts our creativity. So, tell me…where do you write? Or paint, or draw, or knit? Does nature foster your creativity? Or do you sit in an office, at a computer? In a comfy chair in your living room? At a local coffee shop? I’d love to hear your ideas about your favorite place to get creative.

A New Book!

I’m excited to announce the publication of my third book, Garment of Destiny. I hope you enjoy this sequel to A Thousand Fibers. This book returns to the lives of Nicole Barker and Gina West, while offering a little insight into the issues surrounding refugees and their contributions to society. As we were reminded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are all connected in a single garment of destiny.

Best Time of the Year!

This is definitely my favorite time of year! In Texas, high temperatures continue throughout September, when I’m ready for summer to end. Thankfully, October has brought cooler days. I can enjoy the outdoors and I look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Which is your favorite season?

Free Book Offer!

If you haven’t yet read Mid-Century Remodel, you now have an opportunity to order and read it for FREE! I think you’ll love the characters in this book and enjoy how the tough septuagenarian, Charlotte Tilian approaches life, including the mysterious threats she begins to receive. The free offer is available at Amazon from September 27 – October 1, and applies to the e-book version. So, if you have a Kindle, order your free copy. If you know someone else who has a Kindle, urge them to order a free copy. And please – let me (and others) know what you think of it by writing a review!


My goal in my writing is to explore and celebrate the connections that enrich our lives.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy such connections in my own life, by reconnecting with family members I hadn’t seen in a few years. First, two cousins from Washington State came to Texas for a visit and it was wonderful reconnecting with them. Then, my sister, Gloria and I traveled to England. The purpose of the trip was to take our mother’s ashes to her hometown, but that event became so much more. In a profound way, my mom brought family members together and reminded us how much we mean to each other. My sister had not returned to England since 1970, yet I’m sure she’d tell you she felt an immediate connection with our uncles, aunts and cousins, as do I whenever I’ve visited with them. Love, memories, places…all serve to connect us. I hope you take advantage of any opportunities you are given to maintain and even strengthen ties in your own life…to reconnect.