Reflections and Resolutions

Admittedly not the most original idea, my first 2023 issue of Connect! offers reflections and resolutions. The reflections segment takes a look at a few of my favorite books from 2022, highlighting my top fave, Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult. Then, having realized I didn’t do a very good job of publishing a newsletter every month last year, my 2023 resolution is to be able to pat myself on the back next January for having sent out an issue of Connect! each and every month during 2023. Wish me luck!

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Ostriches, Wine, and a New Book!

Check out the November issue of Connect! to read about the connections between ostriches and wine AND find out how to receive a free copy of my latest book, Artful Illusion. If you aren’t already subscribing to my newsletter, please click here – and receive another free book! Meanwhile, here’s a teaser photo for you to enjoy.

October Means Ghosts & Colorado!

October 2022

I hope you didn’t miss the October issue of Connect! The best part of October’s newsletter is the photography. With all that Mother Nature provided, the fall colors made it impossible to take a bad photo. Here are just a couple from the newsletter. Be sure to check out the newsletter to read about the ghosts!

July Newsletter

If you’ve read my July edition of Connect! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the questions posed concerning the impact of the pandemic on introverts vs extroverts. And if you aren’t receiving my monthly newsletter please…


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