April Newsletter


One of the driving forces behind my first book was my desire to write about the power of connections in our lives. Connections continue to weave a thread through all of my stories.  This passage from A Thousand Fibers introduces the concept:

“So, Martha, you were talking about connections with people. Something about being unpredictable, yet sensible? What did you mean?”

“Well, just that it seems like at crucial points during our lives, we find that being connected to others can make a remarkable difference. And I wonder—is it purely accidental that we make those connections, or is it somehow part of a big, cosmic plan?”

“Like, is it just random or is it God putting those connections in place?”

“Yes, I suppose. But either way, it’s remarkable, isn’t it? To me, it proves that we need each other. And that there’s hope for humanity.”

As we face so many challenges today, this power of the human connection is what gives me hope for humanity. I know it seems as though destructive elements are tearing us apart from each other. I ask that you look closer and seek out the stories about the power of human connections. Better yet, create some of those connections yourself. The world will be better for it.

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